Real Estate Flyer : Does Email marketing still work?

Real Estate Flyer : Does Email marketing still work?

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Real Estate Flyer: Does email marketing still work in 2019? 

Quite frankly, yes! See how much competition there is? According to OptinMonster email marketing is still a relevant tool that is affordable and capable of reaching a lot of customers. Email marketing is here to stay and what better way to showcase your real estate flyer to many people. It is very important to send emails that are personalized. This strategy can be implemented by inserting code that adds customers names to your email. Personalizing your emails makes them less likely to be marked as spam by host servers and enables better delivery to the email inbox. Remember, all it takes is 1 buyer to see your listing.

According to OptinMonster, checking email rather than social media is still the first check of the day (58% of people). IPhone and gmail users being the second largest demographic accounting for 54% of email checks, emails are being seen. In contrast, social media algorithms are not necessarily showcasing your content based on each users clicking patterns.

Real Estate Flyer: Can email marketing be misused?

However, email marketing can be ineffective if overused or misused. By sending too many emails to the inbox, your customer may simply become annoyed. Also, if your content doesn’t align with the user’s interests, there is simply no purpose to read your email (summarized from the Digital Agency Network.)

So why use Eflyer2Day? With targeted emails directed toward b2b (other realtors) they are able to see what is being showcased and simply forward email to their buyers. This cost effective approach to real estate flyer marketing reaches thousands of users and does not require the amount of money to be spent on social media ads. The key for your email is to contain attractive subject lines without using particular words that servers mark as spam. Ex: free, sale, ends today and things of that nature.

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